User experience (UX) isn't a role; it's a responsibility

User experience (UX) isn't a role; it's a responsibility shared across all aspects of a project.

Slow or poorly designed databases can be just as likely to lead to bad users experiences as a poor page layout. Fantastic, well written, web products with great user interfaces (UI) will lose customers quickly if the servers go down frequently for updates without resiliency. Similarly, a well-designed backend and frontend can't always fix lousy user journey design or clumsy application logic.

Solutions to user experience challenges can be found across the whole application; from application flow, delivery architecture and backend services to the use of language, heuristics, and colours within individual UI elements. Taking the holistic project approach means finding the right solution to a problem across the whole product.

Ensuring that your product delivers a great user experience requires every aspect of the product to be sharing the same vision of success and working towards it as a team of peers.

Having a good working knowledge of the full application platform and architecture as well as business analysis and project planning experience has allowed me to help build great products no matter what my specific role on a project might be. It helps me work with new teams quickly, support others and communicate effectively. Above all, it helps me find solutions across the whole project along with the rest of the team, deliver a great user experience.

Caring about the details

In the past, I have been lucky enough to work directly with Google's site optimisation teams. They are passionate about identifying the tiny changes that have tremendous impact. The had lots of examples of real-world optimisations such as removing a word from label above a registration resulting in a 15% increase in sign-ups. Also, changing the colour of a 'Buy button' that leads to 4% increase in conversion for an e-commerce platform.

Knowing the impact of small, low-cost changes has been hugely valuable to my work an help me appreciate the value of the little details.